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For many people, living on the ocean is one of life's dreams. Today, that dream seems to come with an increasing cost. Hurricanes and other extreme weather patterns can put a constant pressure on you and your home.

Many coastal regions have specific standards for doors that require unique product performance. To fulfill the pressing need for products that stand up to the rigors of everyday life in these regions, the quality and reliability of our doors, frames and architectural hardware have made Lutong Entrance Solutions the preferred choice for quality construction projects.



First, the hardness of the special doors for hospitals shall be high. The common emergency ambulance, operation vans and medical equipment in the hospitals often shuttle in the wards and are prone to friction. The wooden doors of ordinary material easily leave scratches and cause paint damage after bump, so the special doors for hospitals shall be of high hardness and set with special steel bumpers and will not leave any scratch after being bumped by operation vans. With high hardness and certain toughness, the glass fiber is used for interior trims of airplanes and automobile and applies to hospitals.

Second, the special doors and windows for hospitals shall have anti-bacterial function. The glass fiber can effectively reduce adhesion of malignant bacteria and be uvioresistant without discoloration. It relieves stress for daily disinfection of hospitals.

The special doors for hospitals shall be durable, wear-resistant and non-deformable and be of certain fireproof performance. The fire rating of the special doors for hospitals cannot be compared by ordinary wooden doors.



The harsh desert environment is characterized by large temperature difference between day and night, strong UV light and large sand wind. The glass fiber doors are durable and can withstand the extremely cold North Pole and extremely hot desert. Even though exposed in these extreme regions, they will not crack, deform or decay. Our glass fiber doors, full of high-density PU foams, can effectively insulate the indoor and outdoor temperature difference. They provide more than five times energy efficiency than the wooden doors, greatly reducing the cooling and heating costs. The surface glass fiber has the wood texture, but it is beat-resistant and wear-resistant and applies to the desert area.


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