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Primax Tell You How To Determine The Door Size

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Many family customer asked Primax the most  frequently question is how to determine their own door. Now today Primax will teach you how to determine interior doors or exterior doors correctly.4P-bt

To determind the correct size of a door, you need to measure the existing opening width and height. Measure the width in three places: top, middle and bottom. Record the smallest one.

Measure the thickness of the wall. If the wall is thicker than 5.5 inches, you will need an extension plank.

Primax Doors stock slab doors sizes:

Height: 78 3/4"

Width: 18", 23 1/2", 27 3/4", 29 1/2", 31 1/4" or 35 1/2"

Thickness: 1-1/2"

Door frame thickness is 1". Door opening should be at least 3" wider and 2" higher than a door slab.

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